Jay3 Productions - web site consultancy and full web design in Scotland, the UK, and Europe.

The internet is growing rapidly as a communication and marketing medium, so much so that there is a ‘froth’ developing of folk law, misunderstanding, and misinformation. A web site can be the single most effective marketing tool for many businesses, and yet it can also be a complete waste of time, money and effort. The challenge is to know the difference.

Jay3 Productions have been producing web sites and advising clients on web production for over 5 years, we know what makes the internet work for our clients. Like any form of communication, the route to the message is much more important than the medium. And this is where our skills in working with you are vital, we develop the message, and the medium, to ensure that the internet works for you and your business.

Here are links to some of the clients we are currently working with to develop their internet presence.
www.colourshaper.com - a site designed to promote an innovative and exciting art and sculpting tool. The site has developed an internet community of users who enjoy using colour shaper.
www.charlesphillips.com - a site promoting an auctioneering company that operate nationally around the UK and offer for sale high quality furniture, paintings, porcelain, and carpets at ‘knock down’ prices
www.hernegroup.com - a site for a training company that have an exciting range of management, sales, and personal development courses designed for businesses large and small.


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