Jay3 Productions - brochure design and production for businesses in Scotland, the UK, and Europe.

Even in the age of the internet, video programmes, CD ROM’s and DVD, there is still place for a quality company, product, or service brochure. With any brochure the look and feel at first glance is vital if the all important content is ever to be read. From the first contact, the brochure has to draw the client in to the message, and keep him or her there to ensure that the essential elements are understood.

Developing a brochure design to complement your company, to project the image that works for you, involves learning about your business, your ideals, and your market. At Jay3 Productions we do just that, before we brief the designers, or start copywriting, we find out about your company, market, clients, and products. Then we produce the brochure that works for you.


Here are just a few of the brochure projects we have worked on recently.

ETAPS – the Environmental and Technical Association for the Paper Sack Industry, needed a series of brochures promoting paper sacks as a packaging medium over the competition, the plastic sack. We produced a hard hitting series of brochures that highlighted the benefits of paper whilst graphically pointing out the disadvantages of the competition


Artizano – an importer of hand painted volcanic stone tables from Italy needed a 16 page catalogue to illustrate their beautiful range of tables. This project needed a design that was crisp and clean, and allowed the art in the tables to speak for itself.